Built Tough.

Built Tough.

Rugged Offroad Trailers and Components.

We're explorers, too.

We’re explorers, but not in the traditional sense. Yeah, we go into the bush, way up into the high country, we eat meat and drink beer, and we talk all sorts of rubbish – the standard stuff.

But we like to take more gear than most explorers. We like to take BBQ’s, braziers and power tools to make our trips a bit more enjoyable. So we’ve designed a trailer to help us do that easily, even with a small Suzuki.

Tested Rigorously

We're always testing our products, around town and in the backblocks of the middle of nowhere.

Engineered Beautifully

"If you're doing something, do it well". Our customers deserve quality that lasts.

Fit for Purpose

We build components that make offroading and exploring easier, not just products that look great.

The ultimate high country offroad camping trailer that won't slow you down, even in a Jimny - the Wilberforce Offroad Lightweight Camper.

These trailers have been build light and strong, so you can still tackle the tough tracks and get where others can't get.

Designed specifically for the Suzuki Jimny, these are exactly the same wheel width as the JB74 Jimny (2019+).

The stud pattern of the trailer wheels is the same as the Suzuki Jimny by default, so you don't need to carry a spare wheel for the trailer. Other stud patterns can be used, depending on your vehicle.

This full-spec offroad version comes with:

- 1-2 person rooftent and tent frame

- 4 heavy-duty plastic bins (with tiedowns)

- offroad tow coupling

- 30x9.5" offroad tyres

Trailers Built tough

The word ‘exploring’ can mean many things, so we’ve worked hard to design a trailer that works great for exploring all sorts of places and terrains.

Top-quality materials are used at every stage of the build, from the lightweight allow chassis to the super comfortable Perfect Pitched rooftop tents.