It's no secret - 105hp is not enough for the wee Suzuki Jimny, so here is your best solution!  This kit from Japanese tuning company AVO Turboworld has made it super easy to get more power from your Jimny. 

 Key Points of the AVO Turboworld Bolt-on kit:

- The kit is designed in such a way so that both of the factory catalytic converters can be retained. 

- The intercooler and pipework are designed with ease of installation in mind. 

- The turbo exhaust manifold is a 4 into 1 runner design, with the collector being a die-cast piece for excellent durability. A CNC cut 16mm turbo mounting flange, and CNC cut exhaust manifold flange to finish it off.  All of which is then high temperature ceramic coated. 

- Turbocharger sizing is appropriate for an engine of 1.5 litres with a 10:1 compression ratio and includes a base 6 psi actuator.  If pushed to the limit, the turbocharger used in the kit would be capable of flowing about 250hp at the engine.

- The kit includes all oil and water plumbing for the turbocharger, including a fitting that must be drilled and tapped into the oil pan.

- Intake and intercooler piping are made up of 2” and 2 ½” mandrel-bent 304 brush finished stainless.  High-quality silicone joiners, silicone moulded intake hose, and silicone hump hose connects all pipework from filter to the turbo, turbo to intercooler entry and then intercooler discharge to the throttle body.  A sports air filter completes the intake system.

The results achieved with the kit, running at 5 PSI boost with the standard exhaust system including both factory OEM cat converters, will give a 40% - 50% gain in power output (depending on tune) and increased driveability due to the extra torque.



These kits with only 5psi of boost will increase power by 40-50%. With Suzuki's claims of 105hp, this conversion is likely to increase power to around 150hp. The K15B engine is fine to operate at 150hp with the standard injectors, fuel pump, pistons and rods. Many owners have managed to reliably run their Jimny's at 200hp or more. 


Will it fit?

These turbo kits fit with the standard front bumper, but the intercooler fitment may not be possible if you have a winch or aftermarket bumper. Please take into account that the intercooler requires the cavity within the standard bumper for placement.

A snorkel will also be tough to install with this kit, as this kit mounts the air filter (provided) at the front of the engine bay, beside the left headlight.


Engine Management

This turbo kit will require an updated engine management system. An ECU and tune are all you will need, but we can also ship your ECU to AVO in Japan. They will modify your ECU to suit the turbo conversion, and they'll send it back. This modification comes at an additional cost of about $2,000 (NZD). 



Shipping weight: 35kg
Model: This will only fit the Suzuki Jimny JB74 (2018+)
Engine: K15B 1,500cc