One of the best things about the Jimny is their size, except when it comes to travelling with gear. These roof racks help with that.

With the wiring harness included, the lightbars will come on when the high beam is activated, which is the requirement for NZ Warrant of Fitness. With the included switch, the light bars can be turned off, to just use your regular high beam.

These are made mostly from alloy to reduce weight and are specially designed for the new Suzuki Jimny.

Weight: 23kg (including lightbars). Ladder weight: 3.7kg.

We're always trying to improve the design of products like this. These have been updated in 2021 to include various improvements, including better quality bolts and better powder coating for extended durability.  These also now come with a full STEDI wiring harness, dash switch and high beam piggyback.