You've either heard about or tried the other disaster 7" LED kits on the market. Our Carbon LED Headlight unit is ADR Compliant and features a proper RHD beam geometry. Our CARBON is a complete LED unit that will replace your existing 7" factory headlight unit. Complete with separate High & Low beams as well as a full halo DRL, the CARBON is your all-in-one upgrade solution for your motorbike or 4x4 vehicle that runs 7" headlights (list of known compatible models in the description).

The low beam is full of volume and throws out to 141m at 1 Lux. The high beam throws out to 235m at the 1 Lux which is better than many auxiliary lights on the market. The integrated optional halo DRL can be wired to ignition or to a dedicated switch to illuminate to offer day-time safety. Anti-Flicker technology for an effortless install. 

The CARBON falls within the parameters of ADR making it a 100% New Zealand legal LED driving light upgrade. No wasting time checking whether or not your vehicle meets the guidelines for retrofitting LED lights, from the get-go you're all set.