• Environmentally sealed and moulded Deutsch DT-2 connector with male wire tail included
    • RFI and EMI suppressed circuity ensure no interference with sensitive radio equipment
    • Fitted with Gore Breather Vent – Certified IP68 | Submersible to 3m
    • 304 Series Stainless Steel Bracket and Fasteners

Beam Characteristics

Spot beam: Relentless, in fact we are still shocked every time we turn it on. Potent enough to take on the task of stealth driving light.

Diffuse Spread: A homogeneous flood beam which is smooth almost cloudy in light distribution making it an ideal near field work-light, reverse or camp light.

Wide Beam: The wide beam produces a deeper flood beam in comparison to diffuse, better suited to application require a longer throw flood beam.

Instantly increase street credibility by using the included 3 x snap-on filters, including 1 x blue filter (cuts down glare in reflective environments), 1 x yellow filter (cuts through fog and dust particles), and 1 x STEDI black translucent filter.




  • 1 x C4 Black Edition LED Flood Light
  • Black Transparent Cover
  • Blue Transparent Cover
  • Yellow Transparent Cover
  • Stainless U Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Male and Female Deutsch Connectors
  • Vibration Dampener