Our Wildtrak roof mounts locate at perfect proximity from the windscreen to ensure zero glare or unwanted reflection. The height and depth have been optimised to achieve a cohesive and proportionate fit that looks aggressive while maintaining that OEM vibe. 

Finally, a roof light bar mounting solution that doesn't involve drilling or other intrusive fasteners. Designed and engineered specifically for the Ford Ranger Wildtrak & FX4 (PX1, PX2 & PX3), using 3mm stainless steel finished in a satin UV stable powder coating. 

Designed to bolt to existing fasteners on the underside of roof railing, our Wildtrak roof bracket is designed to fit 40.5" to 42" lightbars.

Whilst our Wildtrak brackets may suit other similar size light bars, we ask customers to take caution as we have only torture tested using the above STEDI bars.