The compact-LED driving light space has been fearfully neglected, with offerings looking as underwhelming as their inability to sustain a compact performance. Enter the all-new STEDI QUAD Pro.



The QUAD Pro is the continuation of the high-calibre class of the PRO bloodline. Sharing the legendary performance of the Type-X Pro and ST3303 Pro, the QUAD Pro utilises the same reflector and LED technology, to deliver an explosive performance.



Included in the kit is a pair of STEDI blackout cover, in addition to the orange and grey colour customisation caps. The iconic STEDI Smiley covers are available to purchase separately, as are optional blue, green, red, and yellow colour caps.  



The compact housing design offers endless possibilities in terms of mounting locations.  We think these are going to be hugely popular as roof-mounted arrays and on bull bars with minimal clearance like the AFN bars.


  • Includes our legendary Easy-Fit plug and play high beam wiring harness
  • IP68 Ingress protection means our QUADS are 100% immersible in water and dust-tight.
  • 5700K Colour temperature provides just the right amount of warmth to cut-through air-born particles.
  • Environmentally sealed Deutsch DT-2 connectors
  • RFI and EMI suppressed circuit design, means no interference with radio or communications equipment.
  • High-Pressure Die-Cast Bracket
  • Spread and Spot beam reflectors built-in. 

The price is for a pair includes our legendary Plug & Play Smart Wiring harness.