At the core of the ST-X 50 Inch you will find world-class A grade 15W reverse facing emitters pushing out 10, 000 Lumens at a stunning 5000K colour temperature. The 30-degree horizontal beam pattern facilitates maximum illumination at the mid to long-range, all the way out to 1 lux @ 941m, with very little light within the first 80m. The 15-degree vertical spread means minimal light wasted and significantly reduces glare from road signs. 

The circuit of ST-X allows for max output (10, 000Lm) or reduced output (2168Lm) modes, the latter making it legal for road use in New Zealand and European countries. The built-in amber (2700K) or white (6000K) DRL / Position Light function allows you to stay conspicuous day or night. The hidden placement of the separate positioning light LEDs offers stunning uniformity of light distribution within the light bar.

The STEDI name has always been synonymous with cutting edge design. Now, we yet again raise the bar with our all-new edge to edge bonded lens design. If Apple were to design a light bar, this would be it. It’s stunning from every angle.

If you're looking for a driving light that offers near-field spread, keep moving, this is not that. The optical properties of the hooded reflector design is best described as high-beam on steroids. The ST-X excels in the high-speed, high-way application when mid to long-range visibility is critical.


  • Significantly minimises adverse reflection from road signs
  • Controlled vertical spread minimises reflections off of high-mounted road signs.


  • 20x 15W LEDs
  • LED Parking / Position Light Function (Amber or White built-in)
  • Breather allows pressure equalisation when rapid heat up and cool down cycles occur
  • Anodized Polyester Powder Coat
  • Weatherproof Deutsch® DTP Connector
  • Includes adjustable Side brackets & Sliding bottom brackets
  • Includes our Easy-Fit Plug & Play High Beam Wiring Harness with HB3 & H4 adapter (Compatible with both negative and positive switched vehicles)
  • Protected against reverse polarity
  • Shockproof, IP68 waterproof, UV Shielded
  • Protected Against RFI / EMC Interference
  • Voltage & current surge protection
  • Pulse Width Modulation Thermal Management