A kit to enable you to tow your Jimny behind a motorhome or work vehicle. 

These kits are made in New Zealand and plasti-coated for added longevity. 

The kit includes:

  • Mounts to go under the front bumper
  • Callopsable Towbar and coupling

The mounts and the towbar are both plastic-coated with super heavy-duty plastic based powdercoating, with a 5 year warranty.

This a-frame kit is built very strong, to ensure it's as safe as possible to tow your Jimny.  The hinge bolt is shielded within tubing and a split pin through the nut ensure it won't come loose.

The mounts attach permanently to the car, and they will sit just below the original front bumper - our own vehicle in the pictures doesn't have an original front bumper.

The collapsable A-frame is heavy and not built to be carried inside the Jimny if it's not being used, it's too long to fit inside the Jimny, unless the passenger seat is laid down. It weighs 21kg, because we've used strong/heavy components.

The coupling works for either sized ball - 50mm or 1 3/4".

This kit does not include any wiring or brake components.  Wiring will need to be done by an auto electrician.

See the NZTA Factsheet about A-Frames here: