We’ve designed this trailer for explorers who want to go further, with more gear. Originally designed for the lightest of vehicles (The Suzuki Jimny specifically), these trailers are built strong and light. 

We use these trailers ourselves, most weekends, so we make sure they're as good as they can be.

Sometimes the track isn't clear. Maybe it's really rough. Maybe there is no track. Our trailers are built for the rough stuff.

When the ground underfoot is soft, slippery or steep, weight really matters. Our trailers are build for steep and slippery.

New Zealand is a fantastic place for exploring, and these trailers are designed to help you explore further, with more.


We have various options available with this trailer.

It can be bought as a road trailer with road wheels/tyres and a standard tow coupling. This would be without the tent and the tent frame, and is available for $4,500.  

We can add different components and the price changes accordingly. From the standard road trailer form, you can choose to add:

  • Offroad wheels and tyres
  • Tent frame and tent
  • Tent frame only
  • Offroad coupling
  • Canvas cover
  • Canvas sides for tent frame
  • Mesh sides