A general-purpose trailer specially designed and built for small vehicles.

These trailers have been build light and strong, so you can still tackle the tough tracks and get where others can't get, but also to last a long time.

Designed specifically for the Suzuki Jimny, these are exactly the same wheel width as the JB74 Jimny (2019+).

$5,450 is for this trailer with Jimny wheels like shown in the first picture, but with a standard trailer coupling. 

+ $550 for offroad wheels and tyres
+ $450 for the offroad coupling
+ $1,000 for the tent frame
+ $1,500 for the rooftop tent

The stud pattern of the trailer wheels is the same as the Suzuki Jimny by default, so you don't need to carry a spare wheel for the trailer. Other stud patterns can be used in the build of your trailer, depending on your vehicle.

    The weight of the trailer is 150kg.

    The finish is a plasti-powdercoating with a 5-year warranty on the coating.

    These trailers are manufactured here in Christchurch.

    These trailers are built to be modular, so you can add extras as you need them, including the tent and tent frame shown HERE, or other things can be added in the future, like cage sides, a kayak rack, dirtbike mount, jetski mount etc.